Questions Management is an application for managing multiple-choice questions divided into many different topics. I wrote this application mainly to guide you all through the steps to build a complete application from development, test, build and deploy.

GitHub Homepage:

Questions Management application is built on a Reactive Microservices model that uses Spring’s latest technologies for the backend, frontend using Angular and some other JavaScript frameworks.

The overview architecture of Questions Management application is as follows:

Questions Management

The development of Questions Management will consist of several stages as listed below:

Stage 1: Building basic functions including managing the question and categories that the questions belong to.

Stage 2: Building the system to manage, monitor the services.

Stage 3: Build user management.

Stage 4: Deploy the application to production.

Technologies to use:

  • Angular 6
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Spring Framework
  • MongoDB

Some images of the application

Category management:

Questions Management

All questions management:

Questions Management

Add new question:

Questions Management

Information of a question:

Questions Management

Questions Management
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