mvnForum 0.0.4 released

I just released a new version of mvnForum 0.0.4.

In this version, there are 2 important changes:

  • The first thing is that I remove most of the information that the user needs to enter when registering a new one, leaving only the 3 necessary information: username, password and email. This change is intended to facilitate users when registering new, without having to enter too much unnecessary information.
  • The second one is to enable support for Google Recaptcha. The old source code uses the JCaptcha library but this library is now deprecated.

All the changes you can imagine through the image below:

I also started applying Clean Architecture to the project with the hope that it will be easy to develop new features of mvnForum later.

You can read more here

P/S: If you have a passion for code like me, you can contribute to this project! Welcome, everyone.

The latest changes of mvnForum are always available here

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