Introduction to Socket.IO

Socket.IO is a library that makes us possible to implement a 2-way communication channel between client and server with low latency based on events. We can use Socket.IO to implement a WebSocket server. Originally Socket.IO was written in JavaScript but some other languages are also… Read More

Interpolation directive in Angular

When creating any new Angular project, you’ll see the default in the app.component.html file, thing, which in the tutorial about Angular’s Component I call it placeholder {{title}}, actually its name must be the Interpolation directive, which is used to display the data from the Component… Read More

Install Node.js on Window

I have guided you how to install Node.js on macOS in the previous tutorial. In this tutorial, I will guide you to install it in the Windows environment! First, you need to go to the address to download the latest version of Node.js. Then… Read More