Spring Cloud Netflix is a Netflix OSS integrated library with Spring Boot that makes us easy to implement Microservices applications.

Spring Cloud NetflixIn this tutorial, I summarize all tutorials of Huong Dan Java about Spring Cloud Netflix.

Eureka Server is a place where services can register their information for other services to discover and call.

We register service information with Eureka Server using Eureka Client.

To be able to discover other services from the service you are working on, let see this tutorial.

The ribbon is a client load balancing library.

Using Zuul Proxy, you can create an API Gateway for your application.

Circuit Breaker is a concept that helps us to set up a fallback for a service that calls to other services, in case it is impossible to call that service, the default value will be used. Use the Hystrix of Spring Cloud Netflix to implement this concept.

To monitor problems that may occur when calling other services from a service, we can use Hystrix Dashboard with Hystrix.

For Reactive applications, we will use HystrixCommands class to enable Circuit Breaker.

To monitor multiple services at the same time, we can use the Hystrix Dashboard with Turbine Stream.

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