Spring Authorization Server is used to implement Authorization Server with Spring framework.

In this tutorial, I summarize the instructions of Huong Dan Java on Spring Authorization Server for your reference!

In this tutorial, I show you how to implement an OAuth Authorization Server using Spring Authorization Server.

To configure the expiration time for an access token, you can refer to this tutorial.

To validate the access token, you can use the token introspection endpoint.

To revoke an access token, you can use the token revocation endpoint.

By defining the JSON Web Key with an external PKCS12 keystore, you can reduce the security-related problems of the Authorization Server.

In this tutorial, I will guide you all on how to store RegisteredClient in a database using Spring Authorization Server.


I have written a book with full details, detailing the features that Spring Authorization Server supports for OAuth 2.1 and OpenID Connect 1.0. Update to Spring Authorization Server version 1.1.0.

Details here: “Spring Authorization Server – From the basics” Ebook

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  1. An angular app as front end, spring oauthclient as back-end for front end and spring auth-server, been struggling to make this setup run for weeks, and can’t just do it with all the redirects.. Is this even supported?

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