In this stage, we will use the technologies of Spring Cloud Netflix such as Eureka Server, Zuul, Ribbon, Hystrix, Hystrix Dashboard, Turbine Stream to implement the system monitoring the services in the Questions Management application.

The architecture of Questions Management application for this period is as follows:

Questions Management - Stage 2

  • The Support Discovery Server will use Eureka Server.
  • The Support Edge Server acts as an API Gateway that will use Zuul Proxy.
  • The Support Monitor Dashboard will use Hystrix Dashboard.
  • The Support Turbine Stream will use Turbine Stream with RabbitMQ.
  • The Client Load Balancer will use Ribbon.
  • To enable Circuit Breaker we will use Hystrix.

In addition, to easily manage application properties, we will also use Spring Cloud Configuration!

Part 1: Questions Management – Support Discovery Server – Initialize support-discovery-server project using the Spring Tool Suite

Part 2: Questions Management – Support Discovery Server – Build Eureka Server using Spring Cloud Netflix

Part 3: Questions Management – Register services with Eureka Server using Eureka Discovery of Spring Cloud Netflix

Part 4: Questions Management – Load balancing using Ribbon of Spring Cloud Netflix

Part 5: Questions Management – Support Edge Server – Initialize support-edge-server project using Spring Tool Suite

Part 6: Questions Management – Support Edge Server – Implement API Gateway using Zuul Proxy of Spring Cloud Netflix

Part 7: Questions Management – Frontend – Call the API Gateway

Part 8: Questions Management – Enable Circuit Breaker for API and Composite services using Hystrix from Spring Cloud Netflix

Part 9: Questions Management – Support Monitor Dashboard – Initialize support-monitor-dashboard project using Spring Tool Suite

Part 10: Questions Management – Support Monitor Dashboard – Implement Hystrix Dashboard

Part 11: Questions Management – Support Turbine Stream – Initialize support-turbine-stream project using Spring Tool Suite

Part 12: Questions Management – Implement Turbine Stream with RabbitMQ

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