Create and grant access to MongoDB user

By default, you can start to use MongoDB server without having to log in with any user as I did in the tutorial how to install MongoDB on macOS. But in some cases, like the production environment, it’s much better to work with the MongoDB server using a user. In this case, you need to start MongoDB server with “–auth” parameter and use the user to log into MongoDB server. In this tutorial, I will guide you all how to create new and grant access to MongoDB user to use.

First, please start MongoDB server, as usual, myself as follows:

Then, use mongo file of MongoDB to log in to this server as follows:

To create a new MongoDB user, we need to select the database that this user will use. Here, I choose the MongoDB database admin as follows:

Create and grant access to MongoDB user

Then, we will use MongoDB ‘s createUser() method to add to this database a user like this:


  • <username> is the name of the user that you want to add.
  • <password> is the password of this user.
  • <role1>, <role2> is the user’s role declaration for the database to which it is assigned. We have the MongoDB default roles and the roles which we can create.
  • <db1>, <db2>: although we have declared using a database (in our example database “admin”), this user can also be used in other databases, specify in this command.

In this example, I will execute the createUser() method with the following contents:

As you can see, in the above statement, I added a user named “Khanh” and the password is “abc123”. This user can only be used with the admin database with the Superuser role “root”


Create and grant access to MongoDB user

OK, now we can use this new user to log into MongoDB server.

I will restart MongoDB with the parameter “–auth” as follows:

Now, if I do not log in to MongoDB with a user and manipulate on the admin database, then the following error will appear:

Create and grant access to MongoDB user

Now I will log into the MongoDB server with the user that I have created above with the following structured statement:


  • <username> is the login name
  • <password> is the password of the user
  • <database> is the name of the database that the user has been assigned.

Myself as follows:

Then, I can manipulate the admin database without any problems:

Create and grant access to MongoDB user

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