Add Trusted Certificate Authority into CentOS

When working with networks that require security, if we request to sites that use HTTPS, we will often encounter issues related to the SSL certificate, my example is as follows:

To resolve this error, we need to download the certificate for that site and… Read More

Change Java version on Linux

Suppose you are working in a Linux system with multiple Java versions installed. So how to change the version of Java from this version to another version, this tutorial will guide you to do it! For example, I’m using Ubuntu, and my Ubuntu is installing… Read More

Enable and disable user shell in Ubuntu

To disable the user’s command line, you can run the following command:

At that point, the user will no longer be able to use the command line. To enable it, run the following command:


Copy file using SSH

SSH is a tool for us to log on to another machine from our computer. This tutorial will guide you how to copy any file from one computer to another using SSH. To copy a file from your computer to another machine, use the following… Read More