Build custom Nginx Docker image

Normally, using Nginx with Docker, we would not install Nginx from the official image and then configure it manually. We will use the pre-configured Inginx Docker Image and all we need to do is start the container from those Nginx Docker images and use them. In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a custom Nginx Docker Image!

I will build a custom Nginx Docker Image so that when I start the container from this Docker image, I will have a web application like in the tutorial Basic web application configuration with Nginx on CentOS.

I will create a new Dockerfile using the Ignix official image to get started:

The default Nginx site configuration when we install Nginx from Docker is contained in the /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf file of that Docker container! The contents of this file are as follows:

I will not use this default configuration so I will remove it in the Dockerfile as follows:

I will replace it with the configuration in the tutorial Basic web application configuration with Nginx on CentOS:

by creating a new nginx.conf file containing the above configuration and then copying this file to the Docker container as follows:

I also copy the index.html file with the content:

to the /usr/share/nginx/html directory as follows:

It’s done!

Now you can build Docker Image from this Dockfile:

Run this Docker image with the command:

and then access the address http://localhost, you will see the following results:

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