Grant types in OAuth 2.0

The grant type is how OAuth 2.0’s Authorization Server can process and verify that the Client Application is eligible for access to the Resource Server. There are 4 types of grant types that OAuth 2.0 defines in its spec: Authorization Code Implicit Resource Owner Password… Read More

Overview about OAuth 2.0

OAuth (Open Authorization) 2.0 is a standard that defines how a third application can access user information and resources related to this user in another application. It makes it possible for users to use any application with information registered in another application. If you have… Read More

DRY principle in programming

DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself) is a principle that every programmer needs to understand and follow. In this tutorial, let’s learn about this principle. The DRY principle shows that if we are trying to write the same code in different places, instead of copying and pasting… Read More