Connect to MSSQL Server in JPA

In the examples of Huong Dan Java on JPA, I often use MySQL as an example because it is free and easy to use, mainly because I’m familiar with it: D. I think some of you, especially the students, often use MSSQL Server. So, I write this tutorial to guide you all how to connect MSSQL Server in JPA.

First, I will create a Maven project as an example:

Connect to MSSQL Server in JPA

Since I’m going to use JPA with Hibernate’s implementation, I’ll add Hibernate dependencies like this:

Project Lombok:

To use JPA with MSSQL Server, we need to add the JDBC Driver dependency for MSSQL Server as mssql-jdbc. You can find the latest version of mssql-jdbc from Microsoft on the Remote Maven Repository at This JDBC Driver is available in many versions for different versions of Java, please select the correct version of Java that you are using.

Here, I am using Java 8 so I will add the dependency of mssql-jdbc as follows:

In this example, I will define a simple table that contains class information:

Entity of this table:

The most important part is the configuration file for JPA’s persistence.xml configuration file. The contents of this file will be configured as follows:

Here, the MSSQL class driver will be and the url to connect to the database will look like jdbc:sqlserver://<ip>:<port>;databaseName=<database_name>. Inside:

  • ip is the address of MSSQL Server
  • The port is the port that MSSQL Server runs on this server. The default port of MSSQL is 1443. If you change the port then correct it.
  • database_name is the name of the database that we need to work on.

OK, everything needs to be done, now try running a small example:


Connect to MSSQL Server in JPA

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