Install Git from source code on Ubuntu

I have a tutorial that instructs you all how to install Git on Ubuntu using the “apt-get install” command but one drawback of this command is that: it can only install Git from the Ubuntu repository. Sometimes, the version of Git on Ubuntu’s repository is not the newest. If you want to install the latest version of Git, the only way is to install from its source. In this tutorial, I would like to guide you to install Git from the source code on Ubuntu!

The installation steps are as follows:

First, let’s open the Ubuntu Terminal and use the wget command to download the latest Git source code at: as follows:

Install Git from source code on Ubuntu

Once downloaded, unzip the file using the following command:

Then move to the directory you just extracted using the following command:

Next, let’s install the necessary libraries to install Git first, as follows:

After installing the necessary libraries, run the following commands in turn to install Git:

By default, Git will be installed in the folder which you have unzipped the file. In this example, it will be installed in /home/khanh/git-master.


Install Git from source code on Ubuntu

In order to use Git anywhere, you need to add the environment variable to it.

To do this, open the .bashrc file in the user directory, and then add the following line to the end of the file.

Please replace /home/khanh/git-master/ with the path that you just installed Git!


Install Git from source code on Ubuntu

Install Git from source code on Ubuntu
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