Rename branch in Git repository

When working with Git in projects, sometimes you will need to change the branch name you created in Git repository. For example, I have a repository on GitHub named questions-management and this repository has a branch named example as follows: Now I will rename this… Read More

Install Git server on Ubuntu

Unlike CVS or Subversion, Git is now in widespread use for its advantage. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the steps to install a GIT server on the Ubuntu environment! First, let’s open the Ubuntu Terminal and install the Git with the following… Read More

Rename a tag in GIT

In this tutorial, I will show you how to rename a tag in GIT into a new name! Assume, I have a project questions-management on GitHub and this project has a following tag: Now, I will rename the tag example_tag into tag example! To do… Read More

Delete a tag in GIT

Normally, after releasing the product for customer, we will create a tag to mark the time and the version which we released. Sometime, you need to delete a tag because something wrong with the tag or just because you want re-tag with same name. In… Read More