Rename a tag in GIT

In this tutorial, I will show you how to rename a tag in GIT into a new name!

Assume, I have a project questions-management on GitHub and this project has a following tag:

Rename a tag in GIT

Now, I will rename the tag example_tag into tag example!

To do this thing, first of all, you must clone the remote repository into local machine, then using some following GIT commands:

  • Rename tag in local machine:


With my example, the command should be as below:

With this command, GIT will create a new tag with name example, the example_tag remains the same.

Rename a tag in GIT

  • Now, we will delete the tag example_tag.

To delete a tag in GIT, you can reference the article at

With this example, my delete steps will be as below:

Rename a tag in GIT

  • Finally, update all tags.

After this step, you can check the result:

Rename a tag in GIT

Rename a tag in GIT
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