Talking more about Setter Injection in Spring using XML file

In previous tutorial, I already introduced with you all basic knowledge about Setter Injection in Spring using XML file. In this tutorial, I will mention more details about it to hep you can use it easily!

Let consider following example:

I have class Student:

and class Clazz with following content:

As you see, class Clazz contains 2 properties: an instance of Student object, a variable type String and some Setter methods to assign the value to these 2 properties. So, how we can inject these objects into class Clazz using the Setter methods?

First of all, I will create new Maven project:

Talking more about Setter Injection in Spring using XML filewith class Application has following content:

Spring dependency:

OK, let’s get started.

To inject Student object into Clazz object, first we need initial Student object in Spring container:

And now, to initial Clazz object in Spring container, I will declare as below:

In above declaration, I used <property> tag with pair of attributes <name, value> and <name, ref>. Inside:

  • Name attribute is mandatory, it is name of the property which we need inject in Clazz object.
  • Value and ref attributes are same like Constructor Injection. Value attribute is used in-case injecting value is a text, number or boolean … Ref attribute is used to reference to other bean which already created in Spring container.


Talking more about Setter Injection in Spring using XML file

Beside that, same like Constructor Injection, Spring also supports us namespace p to declare Setter Injection simpler.

This namespace allows us can declare properties of objects inside the <bean> tag as attributes. There is no XSD schema file for this namespace. To use it, you only need declare in the XML configuration file of Spring as below:

then using following syntax to inject the dependency objects.

You should declare an attribute in <bean> tag begin with “p:”, next is the name of attribute of object and end with “-ref” in-case the dependency object is other beans in Spring container, then assign for it a value. Example, I can declare Clazz object as below:


Talking more about Setter Injection in Spring using XML file


Reference project on GitHub:

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