Install Helm on macOS

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Helm to make working with Kubernetes easier!

First, go to Helm’s release page on GitHub to download the latest version of Helm at Helm has a full version for different operating systems, so depending on the operating system you are using, please download the appropriate version!

I will download the version for macOS and then extract the downloaded file:

To use Helm anywhere on your computer, you need to declare an environment variable that points to this download directory. On my machine, because it is macOS, I will use the .bash_profile file in the user directory and add the following line to this file:

Save this file and then run the following line for our new configuration to take effect immediately:

Now, if you open Terminal and run the following command:

You will see the following result:

So we have successfully installed the Helm tool on macOS!

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