Install Keycloak standalone server

Keycloak is an open-source software for managing access for any application. It supports many different authentication and authorization standards such as Single Sign-On (basically, we can use our login information for many different applications), OpenID Connect, LDAP, and more … In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Keycloak!

First, go to the download page of Keycloak to download its installation file, at

Please download the Keycloak server (Distribution powered by Quarkus) file in .zip or .tar.gz format on this page and extract it!

Myself is as follows:

To start the Keycloak server for development, open the Console on Windows or Terminal on Linux and macOS, go to the Keycloak bin folder and then run the following command::

For the production environment, please use the following command!:

The result when I start in development mode is as follows:

After starting the Keycloak server, you need to access the address http://localhost:8080

to create a new admin user for Keycloak.

You need to create a new user admin by filling in the Administration Console and then clicking Create button.

I will create a new user “khanh”, password “123456”, the result after clicking the Create button will be as follows:

Now you can log in to the Admin Console page of Keycloak!

You go to the address http://localhost:8080/admin/, the login window will display the following:

Enter the user admin information you just created above and click the Login button. You will see the following results:

At this point, we have successfully installed Keycloak already!

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