Create new user in Keycloak

To use applications that use Keycloak for authentication and authorization, we need a user to log in. Usually, in large systems, the user information will be stored in Active Directory (AD) or LDAP, Keycloak can connect to these systems to retrieve user information. It can… Read More

Add new client in Keycloak

Clients in Keycloak are applications that interact with it for authentication and authorization. Adding a new client in Keycloak is letting it manage all clients that will connect to it, according to which protocol, which standard authentication and authorization. In this tutorial, I will show… Read More

Install Keycloak standalone server

Keycloak is an open source software for managing access for any application. It supports many different authentication and authorization standards such as Single Sign-On (basically, we can use our login information for many different applications), OpenID Connect, LDAP, and more … In this tutorial, I… Read More

Introduce about text block in Java

Previously, when declaring a multi-line text in Java, for example:

We will usually declare the following:

Result: But from Java 13 onwards, you do not need to declare so anymore. Java now supports the text blocks with the ability to declare multiple lines… Read More