Run a container using “create” command in Kubernetes cluster

I showed you how to run a container using the “run” command in Kubernetes. This tutorial, I introduce you another way is to use the “create” command with a configuration file! The syntax of the “create” command is basically the following:

Where <path_to_configuration_file> is… Read More

Use Lambda Expression to sort elements of a List in Java

Normally, before Java 8, when we want to sort the elements of a List in Java, we will use the Comparator object. Eg:

Result: From Java 8 onwards, we have another way of doing this. That is, using the sort() method of the List… Read More

Components of HotSpot JVM

Java applications run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) so understanding how Java applications work in the JVM will help us understand how to organize and write code more efficiently. Currently, we have a variety of JVMs built by different companies based on the JVM… Read More

Constructor reference in Java

I have introduced the method reference in the previous tutorial, in this tutorial, I introduce you another new concept: constructor reference. Like the method reference, the constructor reference is used to abbreviate the Lambda Expression expression. How is it in details? Suppose you are working… Read More