Record class in Java

In Java, the concept of immutable refers to classes whose objects do not change information after they are instantiated. Normally, to declare an immutable class, we would: Declare this class as final so that no class can extend from it. Declare the fields of that… Read More

Using Thymeleaf in Jakarta EE Servlet

In this tutorial, I show you how to integrate Thymeleaf with Jakarta EE Servlet to replace using JSP in Jakarta EE Servlet applications. First, I will create a new Jakarta EE Servlet Maven project as an example: Thymeleaf dependency is as follows:

I will… Read More

Websocket with Socket.IO Java

Socket.IO has 2 main Java implementations Socket.IO Java and Netty-socketio. Netty-socketio only implements Socket.IO 2.x and Socket.IO Java implements the latest version of Socket.IO. Therefore, if you want to implement a Websocket server with Socket.IO using Java, please use the version of Socket.IO Java! In… Read More