Grant types in OAuth 2.0

The grant type is how OAuth 2.0’s Authorization Server can process and verify that the Client Application is eligible for access to the Resource Server. There are 4 types of grant types that OAuth 2.0 defines in its spec: Authorization Code Implicit Resource Owner Password… Read More

Install Java JDK

To work with the Java programming language, the first thing you need to do is set up the environment to run the application with the Java JDK. In this article, I will guide you through the steps to install Java JDK! To install Java JDK,… Read More

Overview about OAuth 2.0

OAuth (Open Authorization) 2.0 is a standard that defines how a third application can access user information and resources related to this user in another application. It makes it possible for users to use any application with information registered in another application. If you have… Read More

Install RabbitMQ on macOS

Installing RabbitMQ on macOS is much simpler than on Window, you don’t need to install Erlang because RabbitMQ’s installation file already includes Erlang runtime. To install RabbitMQ on macOS, just go to the address:, download the Standalone installer version for macOS, extract it, then… Read More