Convert one object list to another in Typescript

Suppose I have a list of student information as follows:

with the Student class with the following content:

If I now define another class StudentInfo that also contains student information with more information about the class as follows:

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Convert JSON data list string to object list in TypeScript

To convert a JSON data list string to a list of objects in TypeScript, you can use the parse() method of the JSON object. For example, I have a list of classes returned from the backend as a GraphQL response as follows:

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Connection pool with R2DBC

The connection pool is how we control the maximum number of connections open to a certain server or database. This is how we save and use resources rationally, avoiding waste. No server can handle an unlimited number of connections! When working with a reactive database… Read More

Overview of Spring Data R2DBC

I introduced you to the Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC) specs, about the Service Provider Interface library and the drivers that implement this SPI library in the previous tutorial. If your application uses Spring framework and wants to manipulate the database in a reactive mechanism,… Read More