Register Pivotal Cloud Foundry account

Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a Cloud Foundry Provider, it provides all features of cloud computing platform Cloud Foundry with some additional features. Pivotal allows us to register a free account then we can use Pivotal Cloud Foundry with trial, allows us to experience all the features of Cloud Foundry. So that, in this tutorial, I will guide you all register a Pivotal account to be able to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry and experience Cloud Foundry.

First of all, please go to the following address to start registering an account in Pivotal:

Then, enter the necessary information as below:

Register Pivotal Cloud Foundry account

Click Sign Up button to register an account.

After registering, you need verify your email to active your Pivotal account!

After you are done, you can use the following URL to login into Pivotal Cloud Foundry:

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