Week of HDJ 24/07/2021

Last week was a busy week for Khanh. Beside of the company’s work, I’m currently working on some old open sources like Abeille Forms Designer, mvnForum or openid-connect-spring-boot on my Github. Abeille Forms Designer is used to design forms with Java Swing, which I believe, Java students are often taught, at least in Viet Nam. mvnForum is a very famous open-source written by Vietnamese people, from 2002 to 2010, forums were very popular in Vietnam. And openid-connect-spring-boot is also an open-source implementation of OpenID Connect using Spring framework. I converted it to Spring Boot for easy development later.

Those of you who are passionate can contribute with me on the above open sources. When I have free time, I write code to satisfy my passion.

Last week, I also read some articles, can share with everyone, as below:

Have a nice weekend!

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