Login CVS server from command line

Personally, I prefer to use Subversion to handle code rather than CVS, but because I’m working on a project that requires CVS, I have to try to understand it. This tutorial aims to save the guide how to login to a CVS server to be able to manipulate, manage the code with it. It will be helpful for anyone who is using CVS as well.

We first need to declare an environment variable containing the CVS server information, login information, directory information containing the CVS repository and the method we use to log on. Its syntax is as follows:


  • The pserver is the method we use to log into the CVS server. In addition to the pserver, we can use the ext method, its syntax is similar, but this method is more secure because it logs into the CVS server using SSH.
  • The username is the username we will use for authentication with the CVS server.
  • The address of the CVS server is where we will connect to.
  • The directory containing the CVS repository is the directory that will contain all of our code.

For example:

Then, we will use the following command line to start logging in to the CVS server:

It will ask you to enter the user’s password to confirm your information.

And one more thing I forgot, to run the above command line, we need to install the CVS client on our machine.

After logging in, you can work with CVS repository.

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  1. Sidhinath Mohapatra


    ok fine this is great but am tring to do this from java code and java code am able to do till login to cvs but its not asking the password so am not able to proceed further . Please can you help.

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