Remote access for MySQL

By default, MySQL does not allow us to access it from other machines, accessible only from the machine itself. Therefore, if we want to access MySQL from another machine, we must make changes in the configuration of MySQL. What the changes are, in this tutorial, I will guide you.

Note: This tutorial, I wrote for MySQL server installed on the machine Ubuntu 15.04. The other machines are similar, except for the MySQL installation path.

The first thing we need to do is: to change the configuration of MySQL mysqld.cnf configuration file

In the Ubuntu 15.04, when installed, the mysqld.cnf configuration file will be located:

To allow access to MySQL from other machines, we need to remove the bind-address and skip-external-locking configurations in this file by commenting out the following two lines:

Remote access for MySQL

For these changes to take effect, you need to restart your MySQL server.

Next, we need to configure it to allow the user to log in from any machine

To allow any user (for example, user root) to login from any machine, we must grant it the following permissions:

– Login to MySQL server

Enter and then enter the password for the root user.

– Assign all permissions for root user access from another machine

– For a change to take effect, we need to run the following command:

And now you can log into the MySQL server using root user from any machine.

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